Performing Dance Portmanteau

About PDP

How did Performing Dance Portmanteau get started?

        PDP came about in fall 2011, due to the dance program being cut at Kutztown University. The group, Performing Dance Portmanteau, was a revival of another group that was called PDP. The founders of PDP now, Liz M., Felicia N., Christina B., Stacey H., and Dianna K., restarted the group and edited the constitution, adding a public relations position for the e-board.

        The founders wanted a group that would be able to perform in ways different from other dance groups on campus at KU, while not limiting themselves to only one style of dance. They started out wanting the group to be something that worked with kids at schools in the area, teaching them dance, though it never got that far, so the group stayed on campus at Kutztown University and has been going strong ever since.

How does Performing Dance Portmanteau work?

        We offer one hour classes in Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, Modern, and Irish. You can sign up for as many as you would like to take! We have an informational meeting in the beginning of the fall and spring semesters, giving details about the group. We then hold auditions for each dance style. The auditions are only to put new members into either A or B groups which are later used for when choreography for our annual showcase begins. We have practice every tuesday, thursday, and sunday in the rec center, unless otherwise stated. You do NOT need any prior dance experience to join the group. All you need is a love for dance and the willingness to learn and try new things. We do require certain attire to be worn at practices, which are black dancers shorts, tan tights, leotard, and the shoes for whichever style(s) of dance you are signed up for.